Estonian Residence Permit in 4 months

We offer an Estonian residence permit, on the basis of membership in the board of the Estonian company.

As the result you will get:

  • Estonian residence permit;
  • Reliable and respected Estonian legal entity good for business;
  • European IBAN;
  • Basis to get Estonian citizenship in 5 years;

Price for single person: 5800 EUR

Price for family*: 12800 EUR

Including 2800 EUR taxes.
Does not include e-residence, if required.
* Family includes applicant, his/her spouse and <18 yo children.

Step by step

1. You provide us:

  • Photo of you passport;
  • Address of your residence;
  • Contact phone/email;
  • Details for invoice if different from above.

2. Prepayment

1500 EUR prepayment must be done without exceptions, we are not working without prepayment.

If you apply for a whole family, prepayment will be 3000 EUR.

3. Notary meeting

In 7-14 days after prepayment, you need to come to Tallinn, Estonia for a meeting with a notary. Within this meeting you will sign documents to become an owner and director of your own Estonian legal entity. Required duration of visit: 1 working day (must be booked in advance).

Also, corporate bank account will be opened shortly.

Can’t get visa?

It’s totally your responsibility to get into Estonia for initial meeting with notary. We do not provide visa services.

If you can’t get visa to Estonia, there is an alternative way to sign necessary documents. In this case you need first apply for e-residence plastic card, which allows to avoid notary meeting and sign documents digitally.

However, this will cost extra 500 EUR and will extend whole process for 2 months longer.

4. Taxes payment

During next 4 months a total of 2800 EUR of taxes must be paid.

You can pay it yourself or let our company take care about that. Taxes could be paid monthly, 700 EUR each.

5. Residence permit application

We will apply for your residence permit and you will get it within 14 working days.


  • Do we provide guarantees?
    We provide legal assistment, however it’s up to official officers to make final decision.

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