Checking the candidate

Step 1

The first step to obtain Vanuatu citizenship is to verify the identity of the candidate.

As part of this stage, we will ask you to provide a police clearance certificate, fill out government questionnaires, certify copies of documents with a notary, translate and apostille the entire package of documents before sending it to the Citizenship Agency in Vanuatu.

You are required to provide originals of documents, sign questionnaires and other documents that we will prepare ourselves.


Before 7 days


The Vanuatu Citizenship Agency officially charges a fee for candidate screening. The cost of checking each candidate 4200 EUR

Case review

Step 2

If you passed the test and no violations were found, this stage is just a formality, this is the time it takes for the government of Vanuatu to register you as a new citizen. 

It is not required to visit the island of Vanuatu or make any financial contributions during this stage. 


Diamont Law has exclusive agreements with the Vanuatu government, and will take a record 3 week!



Vanuatu Citizenship, 30 days in advance

Obtaining a passport

Step 3

After paying the investment and fees, you need to take an oath of allegiance. This can be done in Vanuatu, at the consulate in Beirut, or by calling the diplomatic officer of Vanuatu to a place convenient for you (you pay for the flight and accommodation). After taking the oath, you will receive a certificate of citizenship and a Vanuatu passport.


The waiting time is over!


110,000 EUR

You can get a passport anywhere in the world

A Vanuatu representative is ready to come at your expense to any country, listen to your oath and issue you a passport!

Vanuatu Citizenship, 30 days in advance Vanuatu Citizenship, 30 days in advance Vanuatu Citizenship, 30 days in advance Vanuatu Citizenship, 30 days in advance

Benefits of Vanuatu Citizenship

# 7 place in the world among the best passports

The program is for those who want to have visa-free access to more than 129 countries and territories around the world, including the UK, EU countries and Singapore, as well as benefit from tax advantages by obtaining citizenship by investment.

Vanuatu Citizenship, 30 days in advance

Family is the most important

Parents (50 and older) and children (under 25) can obtain citizenship together with an investor.

Visa-free regime

Visa-free travel or visa-on-arrival in over 129 countries and territories around the world.

The Blank Slate

You can completely change your first and last name during the citizenship process.

Bank account

With a Vanuatu passport, you can easily open an account at any international bank.


Vanuatu citizenship is inherited.


Agreement on the mutual abolition of visa requirements with the countries of the Schengen area.


No taxes on income, wealth, capital gains and inheritance.

US and Canada

The ability to obtain long-term visas to the United States and Canada.

Double citizenship

There are no restrictions on dual citizenship.


The government of Vanuatu does not inform anyone about granting you citizenship.


Vanuatu Citizen Passport is ranked # 7 among the best passports in the world.


Vanuatu citizenship does not impose any obligation to reside on the island.

Are you still here? Do not wait until the last moment when you may need a second passport. Get invaluable peace of mind in just 30 days!

Vanuatu Citizenship, 30 days in advance