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Citizenship for Bitcoins Vanuatu - Successful Cases, Discount and Citizenship for Real Estate

Citizenship for Bitcoins Vanuatu - Successful Cases, Discount and Citizenship for Real Estate

Which country offers Bitcoin citizenship? Where can you apply for citizenship for cryptocurrency? The answers to these questions are of interest to Russians, Ukrainians, Kazakhstanis, Azerbaijanis and Belarusians, who know firsthand what blockchain, Bitcoin and the digital economy are. Recently, they can get a passport and citizenship with bitcoins in Vanuatu. The process is debugged and working. There are already successful cases. Obtaining citizenship in Vanuatu for bitcoins already this year is also worthwhile in view of the possible reduction in price, as well as the emergence of a scheme for issuing passports and citizenship for real estate.

How to go abroad for permanent residence? Where to move to live abroad? Where can you emigrate without problems? How to move to another country quickly and easily? These questions are of interest to many inhabitants of the post-Soviet space, dissatisfied with the situation in their historical homeland. And over time, they come to the idea that a second passport will be the best help in this.

For the majority of wealthy and well-to-do people for whom time is more valuable than money, the International Citizenship Fast Track Program is the preferred option. There are more affordable alternatives though.

How to Choose the Best Citizenship by Investment Program? As with any other product, it all depends on your capabilities and current needs, which may vary depending on the situation in the country of current residence and other factors - most of them negative, which only plays into the hands of countries with citizenship by investment programs. Read more "Citizenship by Investment 2018 - Big Bang or Mass Extinction?"

There are actually a lot of options. And choosing the best one will not be easy. Moreover, the conditions for participation in programs periodically change in one direction or another.


Vanuatu Bitcoin Citizenship - Best Option in the 21st Century
Let's simplify the task for “IT specialists” and advanced investors who have a decent amount of Bitcoin and are willing to spend it. In the 21st century, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are turning into a full-fledged means of payment, which can be used, among other things, for the accelerated acquisition of citizenship.

Which country offers Bitcoin citizenship? Since last year, the Pacific state of Vanuatu has offered this opportunity.

When issuing a Vanuatu passport for bitcoins, you will have to spend the equivalent of almost 3 hundred thousand US dollars, making an irrevocable subsidy to the state fund.

Having received citizenship in Vanuatu for bitcoins, Russians, Ukrainians, Kazakhstanis, Azerbaijanis and Belarusians can count on many additional bonuses.

Simplified travel is one of the main bonuses that citizenship gives with Vanuatu bitcoins. Visa-free travel is available, among other things, when traveling to Schengen and the UK.

But when applying for citizenship for cryptocurrency, you should remember about other advantages of a Vanuatu passport, which can become a powerful tool for tax planning, opening bank accounts and investing abroad.

Vanuatu Bitcoin Citizenship - Successful Cases
If you are thinking about applying for citizenship for cryptocurrency, having received citizenship for bitcoins in Vanuatu, we have good news for you. During an exclusive interview with Investment Migration Insider, the head of Vanuatu Information Center (in charge of the Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment program) James Harris said that his agency already has experience of successfully processing citizenship applications for bitcoins.

“If we look at payments in cryptocurrency, we started to see real demand. We have so far processed a small but sufficient number of applications for us to ensure that our processes are working, ”Harris said of the work done to ensure that Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment is available to applicants who do not want to use fiduciary money when paying the grant.

Harris also noted that he and his colleagues have developed a system timeframe that seems to work and help minimize the negative side effects of cryptocurrency volatility. This approach allows transactions to be made within a fairly limited period of time, which is very important when you need to apply for citizenship for Bitcoins in Vanuatu.

Harris voiced a step-by-step description of the procedure for applying for citizenship for bitcoins in Vanuatu, during which none of the steps converts cryptocurrency into fiduciary money.

In fact, everything is very simple, he said. A real-time communication channel is established between officials and the applicant when making a payment. An individual applicant receives a unique account ID to pay citizenship for Bitcoins in Vanuatu.

Employees of the Vanuatu Information Center indicate to the applicant the price of citizenship for bitcoins in Vanuatu at a certain point in time (taking into account fluctuations in the rate of cryptocurrency in relation to fiduciary money). Such an applicant is also provided with a time "window", during which it is necessary to make a transfer in Bitcoin to the specified wallet. A two-hour window is allocated for translation.

Then, Vanuatu Information Center employees perform all the necessary procedures to make the conversion of cryptocurrency into fiduciary money. This exchange is needed to fix the equivalent of payment in bitcoins in US dollars.

At the same time, an applicant wishing to obtain citizenship for bitcoins in Vanuatu does not need to worry about exchanges and conversions. He only needs to make a Bitcoin payment, forgetting about bank transfers or SWIFT, as well as the conversion rate, and so on.

As Harris noted, the Bitcoin cryptocurrency has brought a new dynamic to the Vanuatu Development Support Program (DSP), attracting inverters with a unique opportunity to obtain citizenship for bitcoins in Vanuatu.

Citizenship for Bitcoins Vanuatu - The prospect of reducing the cost
Another good news for those wishing to apply for citizenship for cryptocurrency, having received citizenship for bitcoins in Vanuatu, is that the government of the Pacific country is considering lowering the entry threshold for the size of investments for participants in the Vanuatu Development Support Program (DSP).

During the interview, Harris stated that a new option may soon be offered to program participants: a single applicant price of $ 210 or the cryptocurrency equivalent. A collective application (US $ 000) for a family of four will also be available. Previously, DSP members were only offered the family price of $ 240.

“The price issue in the case of the Vanuatu program was one of the biggest problems,” Harris admitted, noting that the issue of changing the price list is still under discussion in the government. But Harris did not rule out that a price reduction may follow in the near future.

Independent experts have long noted that the price tag for Vanuatu citizenship under the DSP program should be significantly reduced (by about 25-30%) in order to make the program more competitive in the global market.

Vanuatu's citizenship by investment now costs much more than similar products in the Caribbean, which cost only $ 100 for passports of Antigua, Saint Lucia and Dominica.

Citizenship for Bitcoins Vanuatu - Passport when buying real estate
During the interview, it turned out that in the near future investors should have an option to obtain citizenship through real estate investments (now the only option is a charitable contribution to the state fund).

When asked about the long-awaited option for obtaining Vanuatu citizenship when buying real estate, Managing Director Harris shared the news about an upcoming luxury resort real estate project, financing of which will allow the country's passport to be issued. A new DSP investment option to fund the resort is expected to be approved by the government in May.

“We were able to form a team, as well as secure strong financial support for the implementation of plans for a significant development project on an island called Aore [approx. an island in the Pacific Ocean in the New Hebrides archipelago, part of the state of Vanuatu, together with the neighboring island of Espiritu Santo and several smaller islands form the province of Sanma]. The site is located near the main island of Espiritu Santo - to the north of the Vanuatu capital of Port Villa, ”said Harris.

“The resort will include 460 rooms. It will be run by an international brand. It will be a very high class project. Individual properties will have an area of ​​160 square meters. As for the price. The product is still going through various stages of government approval. And therefore, everything I say here is unofficial, ”the expert continued.

“But I can state that there is a high likelihood that a price of about $ 160 will be set for a property of 900 square meters. This investment will cover citizenship for a family of four. Recognizing that this price itself is prohibitive and prohibitive in some circumstances, we also decided to create a co-ownership program whereby citizenship could be obtained for a fraction of the property equivalent to a quarter of the asset's value. The price will be set at approximately US $ 000. Again, this is not official. If you consider a family of four, this is a very attractive offer, ”said Harris.

It is expected that this and a number of other innovations and amendments to the terms of the program will take effect after government approval and official announcement. Most likely, this will happen in May 2018.

Experts expect a new surge of interest in the DSP program from clients around the world, ambassador of price changes and an opportunity to make return on investments in real estate. Interest from potential applicants will be fueled in major markets through a new marketing campaign and a range of promotional initiatives.

Source: https: //internationalwealth.info/

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