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Registration of a company in Lithuania (remote registration is possible)


When paying with cryptocurrency, the price is:
700 665€

  • Access to cooperation with European countries, access to its markets.
  • Loyal legislation.
  • Stability of the economy and attractiveness for investment.
  • Low tax rates.
  • A simple and inexpensive procedure for opening a company in Lithuania.
  • Double tax exemption for opening a company in Lithuania. The country has signed treaties with 40 countries. Among them is Russia.

Legal address, 1 yearContact person, 1 year

Additional services

+ 1,000.00
+ 500.00
+ 1,500.00

A resident managing director representing the interests of the actual owners, including: conducting business activities, organizing and supporting business processes.

+ 250.00

The firm must have a legal address so that, if necessary, government agencies could send letters of demand to this address.

+ 250.00

The person indicated in the certificate of registration and representing the company (physical or legal) through whom communication with authorities and authorities is carried out.

+ 200.00

When ordering this service, all important incoming mail will be translated into Russian and forwarded to the customer’s e-mail.

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