Ready-made companies

All legal entities submitted for sale, free of debt and any obligations to the state and third parties.

The acquisition of a ready-made legal entity may have many benefitsThe most common causes are:

  • Do you want to save time at registration;
  • Is needed company with a story;
  • You need a company already with a specific license;
  • A legal entity with an assigned VAT number is required ...

Included in the price

Additional services

You can always order the missing but necessary services:

  • Managing director, EU resident;
  • Accounting service
  • VAT number;
  • EORI number;
  • LEI code ...

Full list of additional services

CompanyPriceRegistration YearBank accountTaggingStatus
bch2card OÜ15,000€ 2020Licenses:

  • Virtual Asset Service Provider - FVT000055 (updated license!)

eth2card OÜ12,500€ 2020Licenses:

  • Virtual Asset Service Provider - FVT000054 (updated license!)

xrp2card OÜ12,500€ 2020Licenses:

  • Virtual Asset Service Provider - FVT000056 (updated license!)

Perimetr F OÜ1150€ 2017-Available
Kinnistuabi OÜ2950€ 2018EU IBANVAT number.Available
Korieki OÜ16000€ 2016EU IBANLicenses:

  • Virtual Cash Value Exchange Service Provider - FVR000615
  • Virtual Wallet Wallet Service Provider - FRK000527

EUROTRANSIT OÜ2500€ 2017EU IBANAvailable
Aitrades-Global OÜ24990€ 2017EU IBANLicenses:

  • The provider of services for the exchange of virtual values ​​for cash;
  • Virtual wallet wallet service provider;


Companies by year of incorporation

Registration YearPriceBank accountStatus
20151650€ EU IBANAvailable
20141750€ EU IBANAvailable
20131850€ EU IBANAvailable
20102050€ EU IBANAvailable
20052400€ EU IBANAvailable
19973800€ EU IBANAvailable

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