Financial Licenses


Cryptocurrency license problems

  • Extension of the terms of freezing the crypto license;
  • Appealing the revoked cryptocurrency license to FIU;
  • Appealing revoked cryptocurrency licenses in court;
  • Re-issuance of existing licenses into a single one (in accordance with the requirements of 2020);
  • Registration of residence on the territory of Estonia, for non-resident board members

Financial Licenses

Online casino license, Estonia


The price does not include payment of state duty in the amount of 55 000 euros. Online casino license, Estonia


The cost of a package of services is from 25,000 to 60,000 euros, depending on the nuances of the proposed activity. Payment System License (EMI) in Estonia


In accordance with the new requirements that entered into force on 10.03.2020. 3300 euro state. the fee is included in the price.

Unified Cryptocurrency License in Estonia (remote registration is possible)
They operate throughout the European Union.

Other licenses


Mandatory licensing. The cost of registration depends on the specific license.


Mandatory notice of activity.