Crypto bank in 24 hours


What do we offer?

  • Registration in 1 day, you can work in the evening, you do not need to develop anything, all the software is already ready.
  • We do not require full payment in advance, we know that guarantees are important today.
  • Your name and design on plastic cards for your clients.
  • Several currencies for IBAN and plastic cards: USD, EUR, GBP…
  • Convenient transfer from Card to Card and from bank account to bank account.
  • Fiat to cryptocurrency exchange and vice versa.
  • Low commission fees.
  • Easy deposit and withdrawal of funds.

Why you should choose us?

  • No geographic restrictions, simple compliance.
  • We do not require any licenses from you.
  • We never freeze your funds.
  • We register your cryptocurrency on all crypto-platforms connected with us.
  • A ready-made ecosystem for any crypto-fiat (in any direction) operations.
  • The lowest commissions for the exchange of cryptocurrency-fiat and fiat-cryptocurrency.
  • Cryptocurrency-to-cryptocurrency exchange directly, without OTC.
  • Own liquidity of fiat and cryptocurrencies on several large exchangers.

General provisions

and terms

white-label — You, as our partner, can use our system and cards under your own brand.

Co-branding - we register you as an agent with the FCA if you have a European payment license.

Affiliate program — we register you with FCA and Mastercard if you have a European payment license.

referral — You get 5% when you bring another business to our white-label program.

Application — You provide forms and documents and we make a decision.

Onboarding – Guaranteed if we signed the contact and invoiced. License from you – Not required, except when sponsored by an EMD agent or affiliate is required.

Delivery — 1 day after 50% payment for system and general cards and 6 weeks for new cards.

System — a complex system with cryptographic, card and bank accounts capable of storing, receiving and exchanging

Integration — a simple task for 1 day when we connect the system to your site without tedious API development.

Partner admin panel - the partner has full control over the adaptation, cash flows and end users.

Security - PCI DSS 1, CryptoCSS, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27701, 3F authentication, etc.

Networks — ERC-20, TRC-20, BSC.

Cryptocurrency hot e-wallets - Supported by Binance via encrypted API in various currencies.

Types of cards — debit, prepaid or virtual, at the choice of the Partner, valid for 3 years.

Map loading – replenishment only with fiat funds in cash or from the Partner’s Master Account.

Address Verification – must be in English or certified by a translation.

ID - state ID in English.

Crypto functionality


Onboarding (required)
Consultation €300
Website with a unique design €400
Technical integration €1500
Unlimited number of crypto wallets €1800
Admin account €2400
Monthly fees (mandatory)
API technical support €300
Support for crypto wallets €200
Admin account maintenance €1000
Additional services (optional)
Crypto wallet for the end user €0
Creation, publication and integration of your token €4000
Maintenance of published tokens €500
Cold storage cryptocurrency from 100 €

Issuance of cards


Consultation €400
Connection to the program €5100
Your design €2100
Technical integration and admin panel €4900
Monthly fees
Technical support €200
Admin panel maintenance €900
Currency exchange from 0.4%
Replenishment of the master account or card from 0.1%
Ordering cards
Prepaid, 100 pcs. €8
Prepaid, 1000 pcs. €6
Prepaid, 5000 pcs. €4
Debit, 100 pcs. €10
Debit, 1000 pcs. €8
Debit, 5000 pcs. €6
Additional services
Full co-branding program from 9000 €
Partnership program from 50000 €



Onboarding (required)
Consultation €300
Registering a processing account €5000
Monthly fees
Processing account maintenance €1000
Commission from 4.9%
Additional services (optional)
Merchant account (low risk) €700
Merchant account (high risk) €4200

Banking functionality


Onboarding (required)
Consultation €300
Master account registration €5000
Monthly fees
Maintenance of master account €1000
Commission from 0.5%
Additional services (optional)
Low risk IBAN for the end user from 50 €
High risk IBAN for you €5300

Card related fees

And limits


Cryptocurrency related fees

And limits


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